Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lesley's AP Institute in Tulsa

Here's a picture of the cave that we got to crawl into during one of the days in the field.

We got to hold the python after a reptile show.  They are super heavy!

I just got back from Tulsa where I got some Advanced Placement training in environmental science.  Jordan got to be with Daddy for a whole week!  I'm pretty sure she's even more of a daddy's girl now.  

More July 4th

Monday, July 7, 2008

Funny things

Jordan does some of the funniest things.  In one picture, she's licking the air vent (she LOVES to put her face over it).  In the other, she wrapped herself in the rug and cuddled up with my flip-flop.

Silly boys

Matt is holding David captive under our coffee table.  

July 4th

Jordan's first Fourth of July.  Daddy was so excited to share the joys of fireworks with Jordan.  He was a little sad when she had to go to bed while the party was still going on.  Brock and Lorie and Rick E., Kendra, Calvin, and Fallyn came over to eat, shoot fireworks, and watch a movie outside with the projector.  It was so much fun, especially since Kendra won a huge package of fireworks worth $200 (?) .  I'll get those pictures put up as soon as I transfer them to my computer.  

Swimming! Or floating?

We are so excited that Brock and Lorie let us come over and swim with them.  We love hanging out with you guys!

The Zoo!

Jordan and her best friend, Kail (Heather and Jeff's youngest) at the zoo.  Kail was born 9 days before Jordan, and they get to hang out a lot because I just love hanging out with Kail's mom!
Jordan laughed and giggled the whole time she was petting the sheep! 

Just look at the excitement on her face as she watches the penguins (or maybe she's just entertained by her reflection on the glass!)

Trips to the zoo hold a special place in my heart.  I just love the zoo, and watching Jordan enjoy it even more than I do gives me so much joy.  She LOVES watching the animals, and petting the sheep in the petting zoo.  The last time we went, she got to feed the Giraffe!

Baby Dedication

David and Matt are always "fighting" over Jordan.  I love that there are great men in her life, besides her Daddy, that she will be able to model her future husband after (if God calls her to marry).  Thanks, Matt and David, for loving our precious little girl!
Mammaw and Jordan.  Justin's mom blesses us by coming over every Wednesday night to watch Jordan while we are at our small groups.  Mary really knows how to make Jordan laugh and have lots of fun.
Grandma Neill and Jordan.  Mom and Dad come to Wichita often to spend time with their grandkids.  They came down especially for Jordan's baby dedication, which I am so thankful for.  I can't wait for Jordan to go visit Grandma and Grandpa's farm, where she can see all the animals!  

Here are some pictures from the baby dedication.  We are so blessed to have a family and a church family that loves our daughter and is dedicated in showing her God's love as she grows.  We know that Jordan is ultimately God's child, so we dedicate her life to Him.  Our prayer is that she will come to know the true Savior, Jesus Christ, and that she will live to love and serve Him.  We pray that she will invest her life in others, always putting the Glory of God above all else.