Saturday, February 13, 2010

Parenting at the tender age of two

Jordan is taking her role as older sister very seriously. Today, Rylie was sitting in her high chair with her sippy cup while Jordan was over playing with some toys. Rylie threw/dropped her cup on the floor...not the first time it has happened in a 10 minute time span. Without any prompting, Jordan let out this long sigh, went over to pick up the sippy cup and said firmly, "Now, don't drop it again...okay. Rylie, don't drop it." A few seconds later, it inevitably fell on the floor. "Rylie," she said with exhaustion, "I said don't drop it. Don't drop it again."

The next time Rylie dropped it, I took the opportunity to train Jordan in some basic skills of parenting:) "You already told Rylie not to drop it, but she dropped it again anyway, didn't she? Since she didn't obey, then we're not going to pick it up for her, okay?" So there it was left, the sippy cup on the floor.