Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Christmas

Our family (Justin, me, Jordan, Rylie...oh, and David) celebrated Christmas together Christmas Eve morning and exchanged presents with each other. Justin got me a new wedding band:) I got Justin a new drum. Jordan got a new play kitchen that she absolutely loves! And Rylie got her first Bible!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fun Ride

Daddy showed Jordan how to push Rylie around in the box. In the last picture, Rylie was nearly run into the Christmas tree!

The girls

Jordan and Rylie sitting and watching Baby Einstein video.

Jordan put her doggies in time-out. She told them to sit (and she sat them on their bottoms) and said they were in time out for "obeying!" I'm pretty sure she means disobeying:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Growing Up

Jordan has started saying adult phrases lately. For example, yesterday she told me, "Good job, Mommy," after I finished brushing her teeth. She often tells me "good job" when I complete a task. One day this week I brought the girls back to my classroom after school because I needed to get a few things done. Jordan enjoys spending her time eating my candy/snacks and getting into all my drawers. Once in the drawers, though, she spilled a cup with strips of paper all over the floor. I said, "Jordan, you need to pick all those up and put them back in the cup." She bent down to pick one up, looked around at the scattered paper and said, "Oh, my goodness!" I can't wait to hear more toddler talk!

My sweet girls

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Jordan helped decorate the tree this year. She got super-excited to find these giant "necklaces" in the box!

An arranged marriage!

Rylie and Lincoln were both born this summer. We love Lincoln's parents and we often joke (but we're really serious:) that they're going to get married someday.