Thursday, September 20, 2012

Color Version

I just love this picture of Rylie.  I may have to put it on canvas and hang it in her room.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jordan at Five Years Old

Jordan at 5 years old...
You have the best smile and get super excited about the little things.  A great quality to have.

You are a true rule follower.  You never get to eat your "dessert" for lunch at school because you think you MUST eat all of your sandwich first.  So everyday, when you return home, you finish your sandwich and then eat your dessert (even though dinner is just around the corner).  And, even though you NEVER have eaten dessert at school, you still get super excited to find out what you will get!

You are becoming quite the brave young lady.  Just look at you hold that roly poly:)  You also have learned to be brave with two dogs--quite the breakthrough!  You even learned to jump into the swimming pool and get your head under water!

You were such a joy to get to teach this past year, my first and only year home with you.  You quickly learned to sound out words, and even write short sentences (phonetically).  Now, you are on your way to reading beginning level books.

You like to be the boss.  It works with Rylie, but it just doesn't fly when you try to be mommy and daddy's boss.

So when you don't get your way, your first reaction is to fuss and whine.  

You love to pretend.  You can often be heard carrying on a conversation for several make believe people.

You really like to pretend to be a teacher.  I think you would make an excellent teacher:)

You are quite the thoughtful little girl.  Not necessarily thoughtful of other people, but full and thoughts and wonderings.  Just the other day, you were looking at a map of Africa and noticed the Island of Madagascar.  You asked if it had broken off from Africa.  As a science teacher, you made me proud:)

You love to have fun and play with your sister... long Rylie does what you tell her.

You take your role of big sister very seriously.

You help Rylie in the bathroom, hold her hand going through the parking lot, get her breakfast, along with lots of other things.  Even tonight, you laid in bed with her and snuggled because she was scared.

You take great care of Bo, too.  I really appreciate that!

You are still a daddy's girl.

And you love to snuggle, cuddle, and just be with people.

You are definitely a people person.  You had a very long list of friends to invite to your party:)

You do amazing with change.  Which is good because we've been going through a lot of change!

You have been taking gymnastics for a year through the Y.  Unfortunately, you inherited your mother's poor flexibility.  You are still trying to nail the cartwheel, though you do excellent with the pull over on the bars.

You are my sweet, sweet girl.  I love you more than I can say.  

And I pray earnestly that you will become a woman with a heart for Jesus and that you will grow strong in your faith.  There is nothing more important or significant than to trust Jesus with your life.

Jordan's 5th Birthday

I can't believe that this sweet newborn baby... now this sweet little five year old girl.  How did this happen???  I knew my children would grow older...I've even wished it sometimes!  But does it always have to happen so fast???

We celebrated with lots of family and friends, right after moving into our new house!  I didn't have a chance to plan anything big, so we had a few snacks and lemonade (we made it a lemonade themed party).  Then Justin took all the kids outside to play some games.  Here are some pictures to document the day:)

Jordan picked her cousin Fallyn to have her first sleep over with.  They are so cute together, eating the birthday breakfast of pancakes and eggs.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

The bump and the babe

There seems to be a hundred blog posts I want to write on things that have happened at least a month ago...
...Jordan turning 5
...our 10th Anniversary
...Bo's 7 AND 8 month progress
...our new house
...and many more

However, I just couldn't keep putting off posting my first maternity shoot I did this summer with my good friend Kecia and her family.  They love Jesus and each other; it's so evident in their pictures.   Kecia was a real trooper in the 100 degree heat!  I am thankful for her friendship and that she let me take her sweet little boy's newborn photos when he arrived a couple weeks later!   Enjoy...