Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pics from Jordan's Birthday Party (Our Birthday Princess)

Pics from Jordan's Birthday Party (Games and Friends!)

Pics from Jordan's Birthday Party (Cupcakes and Presents)

Jordan is Three!!!

Jordan turned 3 last week on August 24th! We let her open her presents from Mommy and Daddy in the morning before going to school. Here are a few pictures. She got a special Bible case that she immediately wanted to take to school and show her friends!

Three years old could possibly be the best age ever! Jordan is such a sweet, sweet girl, and just gets sweeter by the day. We LOVE her SOOOO MUCH!!!

Jordan, at three:

You are the BEST big sister and take great care of Rylie. You hold Rylie's hand and walk her to the car everyday after school. You share your toys and look for ways to make Rylie happy. You also like to share your food and to feed your "baby." Rylie looks up to your example and will follow you anywhere.

You are very sensitive to small changes in emotion in others. You notice if Mommy even looks a little sad and you always want to make me feel better.

You love to cuddle and be held. You like to sit very close to others on the couch while watching TV. You like to come lay in bed with Mommy and Daddy in the early mornings when you wake up, but we're not ready to get up yet. You are definitely a morning person...we could not get you to sleep past 7:00 this summer, no matter how late you went to bed!

You are very smart. You love puzzles and are great at putting them together. You are a good problem solver, but often will not do something hard if you cannot do it perfectly (sounds like a little perfectionist to me, something we'll have to train you to get over. You get that little quirk from your mother.)

Along with the perfectionist in you, you also have to do things the same way every time you do them (or expect it of other people, too). You are a very logical person and things Daddy does often don't make sense to you:)

You are starting to draw actual objects, rather than lines and circles. You make up what it is after you draw it, though!

You started to name your baby dolls. Corn is the cutest name.

You are pretty possessive of your baby sister and often tell others, "That's my baby" and won't let them touch or play with her. We are trying to work on that with you.

You are getting better at not being scared of everything. The last time we were at the farm, you actually asked to pet the dog and kittens. By the end of the summer, you loved going swimming too and asked to go everyday.

You are still a Daddy's girl. He is your favorite person in the world and you would do anything to please him. You light up in his presence and delight in his attention.

I could go on and are my sweet, sweet girl. Happy Birthday, Jordan Elizabeth Moody!