Sunday, August 31, 2008

Off to Work!

Jordan and Daddy are shockers fans.  They dressed alike the other day.

Doing Laundry!

Jordan loves to "help" me do laundry!  I carry her in the basket when I go up or down the stairs to switch out the laundry.  Now, when she sees the basket, she just has to get in it!

Jordan's First Birthday!

Cousin Calvin!
Jordan tried her cake, but refused to eat it!
Jordan's cousin Madison carried her around all evening!
A picture of Jordan on her actual birthday.

Daddy got Jordan a new playground for her birthday!
This is a video of Jordan walking with Daddy.  It's not really a part of her birthday.

Clio Festival

Grandma introducing Jordan to the farm cats.  She gets so excited to see the animals, but she is not interested in the animals touching her!

Jordan would not touch her cake!But, Hunter gobbled his up!

Vacation at the Lake