Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boaz 9 months

I think I can remember you at 9 months! 

See how I got you to lay still for your 9 month pics?  
Bo, you are just the most perfect little baby!  As I was taking these pictures, I wondered why I didn't do all of your monthly pics with just a diaper on...then I quickly remembered how you used to have that nasty, itchy rash all over your chest, face, and arms, and there was no way I could take off your shirt.  You would have scratched yourself to death, not to mention it was not something I wanted in your pictures.  

So, now you can see that not having an ounce of dairy in your diet has improved your skin tremendously!  You still have eczema, but it can be controlled with some cream.

You will notice that you can feed yourself a bottle.  I love that you are becoming more independent!

You have also gotten very good at feeding yourself your puff cereal.  I've tried to get you to eat little bits of green beans or pears, but you do not like chunks of food.  I sure hope that you are not going to be a difficult eater like Jordan was!  She would gag on anything chunky till she was almost 2.  Not kidding.

You are learning to recognize your name.  

Did I mention before that you were not ever sleeping through the night?  Well, at nine months, you finally can make it from about 7:00 or 7:30 to around 5:00 or 6:00.  You may still wake up, but will go back to sleep without needing a bottle.  It might have something to do with getting more solid food in your tummy right before bed:)

So, your schedule right now is pretty predictable:  
--About 5 am, you get a bottle and then go back to bed.  
--8:00, get up and go with us to take Jordan to the bus.
--9:00, you eat baby food, and maybe 2 or 3 oz of milk.
--10:00, you take a short morning nap.  Usually around 30 min. to an hour.
--12:00, a six oz. bottle
--1:00, afternoon nap, usually about 2 hours.
--3:00 or 3:30, another 6 oz. bottle
--6:00 or 6:30, more baby food and 2 or 3 oz of milk
--7:00, bedtime!
Of course this schedule is not set in stone.  It can vary depending on the activities going on for the day.

You have added green beans to your diet.  You really don't like them, so I mix some applesauce in it for you.  Applesauce makes everything better!

You can't stand to have your nose wiped!  

You will not stay on your back (or keep your bottom down!) while getting your diaper changed.  It's the most difficult thing about you, which isn't really difficult at all if I can distract you with a toy:)  One time, you nearly threw yourself off the changing table as you rolled over.  

You're finally banned from the swing.  The past two times you've been in it, you leaned clear over and were just hanging there.  Don't worry, friends.  It is a travel swing that is low to the ground.  He caught himself with his hands:)

At 8.5 months, you started to scoot forward!  Now, you are even getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth.  You have not started to do the real "crawl" yet, but it will be soon.  You've also thought about pulling yourself up, but that's as far as it gets!  You are just not that motivated!

Oh, I just love those little feet all curled up!  

But even a bottle doesn't keep you occupied for very long!

Maybe a book will keep you from grabbing the sign?


Boaz 8 months

It was pretty much impossible for me to get a picture of you at 8 months laying still next to your 8 month sign!  You couldn't help but pick it up and destroy it!  

I should have taken these pictures the day before, when he was wearing a broncos outfit.   Hope you like these pictures, Chad and Kaely (the outfit they picked out for him)!

Bo, at 8 months, you became pretty steady at sitting without the fear of falling over.  

You could scoot backwards and figure out a way to get around, but you still were not scooting forward yet.  Both the girls were doing this by 7 months.  I guess you are such a content little dude that you were just okay with where you were:)

I'm not are the most content/happy baby there ever was.  You sure have spoiled your mamma!  You've made having three kids so much easier than I was anticipating.

You added pears and carrots to your diet at around 8 months.  We haven't gotten very adventurous yet! Oh, I forgot that you have also tried bananas, but it seems they may cause some diaper rash, so you don't eat those very often.

You LOVE the swing at the park!  Not surprised, since the baby swing is the single most valued baby item we have.  Seriously.  Could.Not.Live.Without.The.Swing.

I can't remember much more about you at 8 months, though it was just a month ago!

Watching movies with my cousin Duncan and big sister Rylie.

Daddy is a little silly:)
I can play outside, too!

I really like this swing...

...a lot!

Boaz at 7 months (a couple months ago!)

Boaz is 9 months old today!  So why does it say 7?  Because I haven't posted a monthly update since he was 6 months old!  I sure hope I can remember stuff about him when he was seven months...

I know that at seven months, you were starting to sit up, though not without the help of pillows piled around in case you fell over.  Sometimes you would fling yourself backwards and bang your head on the floor.  That was not very fun:(

You began soy formula when you were 6 months old, and at 7 months were completely weaned.  Within a week of you starting formula, your legs started getting chubby and you started gaining some weight.  Your mama just wasn't producing enough milk for you.

You are still allergic to dairy, which is why you are on soy formula.  I know it's not as healthy, but it's healthier than starving and healthier than having hives!

Over the course of 6 months, you steadily declined on the weight percentile measurements, but after getting formula, you slowly started to increase.  I think you were around average for height, below average for weight, and at 90 percentile for head circumference.  You've got a big head like Jordan:)

In addition to rice, oatmeal, and applesauce, you started eating squash and sweet potatoes.  Mommy made your food for you.

At about 7.5 months, you tried little baby puffs for the first time.  You didn't know what to do and I got a bazzillion some cute pictures of you "eating" them.  Mostly, you would grab up all you could in your little fists, but not understand how to get them into your mouth:)