Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful Baby

I took some pictures of Rylie and tried to get a little artsy with this one.

Birthday at the zoo!

Jordan celebrated part of her birthday at the zoo with family and friends. In the picture below, Jordan is trying to feed a giraffe. My mom bought all the kids a chance to feed the giraffes, but I was a bit upset that they only gave hay to feed them. Hay...they can eat hay whenever they want...of course they're not going to come eat hay from our hands!
Cool rider!
Greeting her friend Kail with a hug:)

My mom and Rylie.

A picture of all the kids...from left to right...Jordan, Elli, Maddie, Cayden, Kail, and Hope.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jordan is 2!

My computer won't hold anymore pictures!  So, if I can figure it out, I'll post some pictures of Jordan's 2nd birthday soon.  Her birthday was August 24th.  Jordan is such a special little girl!  God has really blessed us with our sweet, beautiful girl and we pray that her life will be lived for His Glory!  Here's a little bit of what Jordan is like at 2 years old:

She is SO proud to be Rylie's big sister.  She shares her toys and gives Rylie lots of hugs and kisses.  

She is still Daddy's girl.  She also has a lot of men in her life that she has wrapped around her finger.  David, Matt, TJ, Uncle Rick, Uncle Brock, Terry, and Tyler, just to name a few.  She warms up to men so much faster than women.  

Jordan is becoming more shy, but still is a people person.  

Is learning to go potty on the toilet.  She wears big girl underwear during the day at day care.

Justin says she has OCD, but it's likely just her age.  Everything has to be done just right, and if it's not, she freaks out.  For example, when we walk through the halls at school on the way to day care, I HAVE to go through the left side doors and she HAS to go through the right side doors.  If it doesn't happen like that, she gets very upset.  

Animals FREAK her OUT!  She screams and cries if a dog gets close to her.  However, she has warmed up to cats and bunnies and is willing to pet them.

LOVES to dance, and she's good at it!  She also loves to sing!

Finally has some teeth!  

For a two year old, she does very good at obeying Mommy and Daddy, but still has a problem with whining and crying if something doesn't go her way.  Time in her room helps with this issue!

Says "I love you" so sweetly.  

Her Bible is her absolute favorite book!  We read it all the time and she insists on sleeping with it.  "Bible bed, Bible bed" is what she says.  It's so cute to see her cuddled up with it.  

It's about time!

I have not posted anything for SOOOO LONG!  A lot has happened since the last post.  May was such a busy month!  Justin came home from Iraq on Thursday, May 21st and I started labor with Rylie early Saturday morning, the 23rd.  Our friend, Felicia, baby sat Jordan while Justin and I went out on a date, and the whole time I was having contractions!  Rylie Dawson Moody was born early Sunday morning, May 24th at 2:39 am.  She weighed 6 lbs 9 oz.