Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to My Dad

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I wish I had a picture handy of us together from back in the day that I could post, but I can't find one. I started thinking about some of my favorite memories of getting to be your daughter, and some that aren't so great, but were real life lessons for me:

*Dad, you may come across gruff sometimes, but you've got a really soft heart. I think I got my love for living things from you. You let me bring home any animal I found. You truly care for your own animals, too, probably more than a "true" farmer should! Taking care of bottle calves, show calves, rabbits, dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc. was a huge part of growing up for me.

*You made it to most of my ball games, even though you can't stand sports! You and Mom were my biggest fans.

*I treasure the bedtime stories you read to us kids every night before bed.

*I think mine and your "love language" is quality time. I enjoyed (most of the time) going to check cows with you, even though you didn't really need anyone to come along.

*When I had just turned 19 and a boy from college drove down to take me out over a weekend and you put your foot down. You said I was deliberately disobeying you, but I went anyway. About 30? miles down the road, the boy's truck broke down and I had to humbly call you to come rescue us. You brought your farm truck and towed us all the way home. I forgot to mention that it was well below freezing out!

*Thanks for never expecting less from us than the best.

I love you, Dad!

Happy Father's Day!

The kids wanted to wish their Daddy a very special Father's Day! They have the best daddy ever! A daddy that loves to play and have fun, but is also serious when it comes to matters of the heart.

Rylie's favorite expressions for Daddy:
*"I Love You!"
*"Jesus loves you"
*"Daddy, come and get me!" (as she's running away for Justin to chase her)

The most common things Jordan says to Daddy:
*"I love you!"
*"Ask Daddy to come lay with me and leave the door open" (said at bedtime after I tuck her in, Justin will come and pray with her and tell her a bedtime story)
*"Can I play your iTouch?"

And this little one can't really say much, but I'm pretty sure this little peanut is going to love Daddy just as much as the other two already do! Our third baby is due in January!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reaching for Chips

Rylie is a real problem solver! We were downstairs eating some chips and watching a little tv. After awhile, I told the girls they had enough chips and I put them up high. Rylie fussed a little, but then she marched right upstairs. I followed her to see what she was up to and watched her carry one of her chairs to the top of the stairs. When she saw me, she asked me to carry the chair down the stairs for her so she could reach the chips! Well, the chair is still at the top of the stairs!