Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thanks for Being a Part of our Baby Shower-Celebration

We are compassionately grateful for every one's visit to our baby celebration.
Our desire was that this would be something special for you our friends and family. It is utmost importance that you know you all are vital to our journey into parenthood and our relationship with each other as well.
You being a part of our shower continues to confirm in my life that relationships are the foundations of life God uses to build successful marriages and beautiful friendships.
We appreciate all of you and pray that God will continue to allow our bonds to draw us each closer to Him.



--It is our desire to name any child that the Lord may give us, will first, Promote His Being and second, will cast a vision for our childs life that will direct them towards a goal that will allow them to be the man or woman God wants them to be;

1) Elijah and Elisha both crossed the Jordan on dry ground

2) The Ark of the Covenant was also carried across the river

3) Jesus was Baptized in the River

4) The Jordan River Provides rich nutrients and empties into the Dead Sea

--Therefore, this name symbolizes how God can choose to use anything or anyone as HIS instrument to bring Glory to HIS NAME.

--Lesley and I chose Elizabeth for a couple reasons;
1) In early July, we decided to begin the journey of trying to start a "family." After trying for several months, Lesley heard from God that she was pregnant with our little girl. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had indeed blessed us with the opportunity to re-define the value of SLEEPING! Lesley had one EPT test in which was "confirmed" what God had already told her. However, my mind was flooded with several uncertainties. In my quest to be certain, I continued to bug Les to take another test and to ALSO go to the doctor in order to be administered some blood tests. She refused all requests to satisfy my doubts. AND I PRAISE GOD for this. Lesley did not want to dishonor Jesus any more by trying to get confirmation from human interventions but rather trust in what God had already PROMISED her. Thus, we picked, "ELIZABETH" which means, "God's Promise."
2) Elizabeth was Lesley's Grandmother's first name (Lesley never met her).

Who Do You See This Young Man Becoming?

OK, I think you all know who this is...But after looking at this picture, I see a whole lot more than meets the eye. Let's see what you think Calvin will be in his adolescent days. Post a comment so everybody can compare their ideas.
Only Calvin could get away with wearing this stylish pen-striped suit with an awesome clip on tie and still look good.
So, I'm thinking a Stock Broker during the week and a street evangelist on the weekends. In New York.