Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kleenex Fun

This is what happens when I'm busy chatting with Justin and Jordan is playing by herself in her room!

Who knew there were so many kleenex's in one box?

Jordan & Mommy

A "family" picture to send to Daddy.  David was the photographer for our photo shoot.  

How Interesting

Jordan and her cousin Calvin are very interested in watching baby Noah get his diaper changed.

Most Beautiful Girl I Know! least until her little sister arrives!  Then, it's going to be a tie!

Baby Belly

Here's a picture of my growing belly (about 26 weeks).  I bought this dress on sale, so I got all dressed up this morning to take pictures to send to Justin.  I felt like I was getting ready to go out on a super special date with my husband!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I realized that I never posted that we are going to have another BABY!  Jordan is going to have a little sister, due at the end of May.  We are praying that Justin will return before then!  

Here is a picture of our baby girl's profile.
This one is showing that she's a girl.
Little foot!  So adorable!

The Joys of Eating!

Jordan is really enjoying her yogurt.   I think she at least got some in her mouth!
Wiping off her chocolate covered mouth after eating delicious Oreos.  They are her favorite "kiki" (not to mention her daddy's favorite, and possibly her mommy's, too!).
Jordan is making her funny face by puckering up her lips and sticking them out.  We try to get her to do it all the time.
Sweetest smile I ever did see!  She LOVES eggs.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures using our new camera!

Crawling through the tunnel of her play set.
Look how her tongue can twist!  

In the middle of saying " ball!"  She loves playing with any kind of ball.

This picture captures Jordan's personality!  It also is a great picture of her one tooth!  She finally has another one growing next to it.