Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doing Something

I have said in the past that I want to have a heart for others and then do something about it. Well, we finally did something about having a heart for the lost in Africa. Justin and I have started to sponsor a child from DRAWN FROM WATER, an orphanage in Ethiopia who’s mission is to rescue and provide the best possible future for children who have been deemed “mingi” and sentenced to death by their tribes. Some of our friends are also supporting this ministry, including Rick and Kendra, and Pat and Melissa from AlasktoAfrica. Here is a picture of the little boy that we just started to sponsor. Our donation only covers a tenth of what he needs and there are many more children that need sponsored. I was so excited to get started, I even made and ordered a photo prayer book (with my cool iPhoto software) that I can go through with Jordan and Rylie and pray for each child as we look at their picture. We even went out today and got some gifts to send him. We are praying that Musse will give his life to Christ and that God will use him for His glory. We pray that through his suffering, God would show Himself in mighty ways. We ultimately pray that the tribes people will be won for Christ and that no more children will be in need of rescue. Praise God for Musse's life and the lives of all the children in the orphanage. Praise God, also for the people He is using day in and day out as they serve these children. We pray for God's power and strength to continue in the fight.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The first snow

Jordan was anticipating getting to play in the snow all day today when we got home from school. She really wanted to build a snowman, but the snow would not we (I mean Jordan) made snow angels instead:)

Rylie was not too sure about the actual playing part, but she was intrigued by the white stuff.

Rylie begged most of the time to "slide" in the swings.
Yummy snow...Jordan will eat it just about from anywhere...

Aaahh, hot chocolate to warm ourselves up:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rylie 1.6 years old

Rylie is growing up so big! I wanted to write a little post about what she's been up to at a year and a half. Rylie still has her spunky personality...she is really a lot of fun to play with! She also lives up to her last name---MOODY! She likes to do everything her big sister does, so it especially helps when Jordan does what she's supposed to:)
Rylie likes to bring me her pictures and say, "look...pretty!"

Some of Rylie's favorites:
1. her blanket! Can't sleep without it
2. babies
3. baths
4. wrestling--she says, "lay down!" and pushes your face
5. brushing her teeth (but not when mommy or daddy try to do it)
6. movies!
7. eating--likes just about everything but bread and bread-like products, totally the opposite of Jordan
8. washing her hands--really just playing in the water
9. playing with her big sister
10. rides in the stroller at school--if the teachers are only going to take the infants, they have to distract Rylie and sneak out without her noticing, or she gets very upset!

Some things about Rylie that I don't want to forget at this stage of her life:

Rylie loves to give kisses, and she's really good at it! She also says "I love you" in the cutest possible way, making the sign "I love you" with her hand (that could also be be misunderstood as a rival gang sign in the wrong company). She's a pretty big people person, and will pretty much go to anyone willing to give her some attention! She loves to sit in your lap and "read" books. She's becoming much more cuddly and loving as she gets older, especially with her blanket in hand. As I write, she's becoming a master at using the fork and spoon. I love it when something little goes wrong, but she very dramatically exclaims, "OH, NO!!!" And, over the past few weeks, she's had a vocabulary explosion...a skill that has helped dramatically decrease the fits of frustration in communicating wants and needs. She's also learned that when she cries, she must cry in her room because her parents are not going to listen to it. Rylie even appears to be on the verge of potty training, but I'm not quite ready for that yet:) Rylie makes me smile and thank God for his gifts every single day. She is my sweet, sweet girl and I love her so much!