Sunday, December 26, 2010


A little more photo playing.

Our little family

We did not get a chance to type up a letter or get a picture taken to send out for Christmas this year. However, we did manage to get one single family picture in front of our Christmas tree right before Christmas. So here it is...our little family. Maybe if I get a chance over break, I'll write a little Christmas letter and send it out,

Miss Baby Doll

Rylie got three baby dolls (make that 5 or 6 if you count the smaller ones) for Christmas this year, and many accessories to go with them. She is a great little mother, and has been since she could even hold a doll before she was 1 year old. She especially loves to push her babies around in the stroller, or pretend to feed them in the new high chair she got. In this picture, she's opening the first new baby doll of the season, one that she can take a bath with. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Miss Cowgirl

Jordan has attached herself to Toy Story 3 since she got to watch it at school right before Thanksgiving break. She can't get enough of it...asks to watch it everyday, acts out scenes, and recites lines from it constantly. So for Christmas, we got her a little cowgirl hat and little pink boots. We also got her Jesse (her favorite character) and Woody dolls that she loves to playand sleep with. Here is a picture of her trying out her new hat. I'm also showing this picture because of the cool effects that I can do on my new computer that Justin surprised me with!