Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is Rylie the day she started moving/scooting forward...but she started out going backwards. She scooted herself under the crib while Jordan played with her new easel.

My Sweet Baby

Rylie is growing so fast. She'll be 8 months old on Sunday! She is army-crawling all over the place and is quick to get into ANYTHING she can! She will not hold still if she is awake and will not lay her head down on my shoulders unless she is VERY tired. She is interested in everything going on around her. She especially likes to play with Jordan and cracks up at the attention she gets from her big sister. I just love this girl! (These pictures are from about a month ago)
She pulled all these puzzles and books off the shelf...her first mess:)

Playing in the Snow

Daddy making a snow angel while Jordan throws snow balls at him.
Daddy also taught Jordan that snow is good to eat. She kept grabbing a handful and eating it the whole time we were playing!
Daddy and Jordan and their snowmen.