Saturday, December 8, 2012

Boaz is 11 months old!

Getting so big!

I could not get a picture of you laying on your back next to the 11 month sign:(  You are too fast!  The more I rolled you back over, the more you giggled and thought it was a game!  And boy, do you like to giggle and laugh!

Here's a little bit on how you've changed since last month:

*You are eating a lot more "table" food.  I guess you just had to get used to it.  You eat bits of bread, cereal, beans, green beans, corn, squash, or whatever else I think you might like.  I've even given you cheese and it didn't seem to bother you.  Maybe you're getting over your dairy allergy.  That would be awesome!

*You are pulling up on everything, all the time.

*You are doing the real crawl most of the time, instead of the scooting/army crawl.

*You have been in size four diapers for a few months now, I just never recorded that bit of info.  And you have been wearing size 12 month clothes since you were 9-10 months. 

*You sleep with a pacifier and blanket.  You always grab and snuggle the blanket as soon as you lay down.  I switch up the blankets so that *hopefully* you don't become attached to one like your sister.

*Your sleeping schedule is changing up a bit as you grow older.  Lately, you've not been going back to sleep after waking up at 5:00 for your bottle.  You just play and squeal in your crib, waking/keeping everyone in the house up!  Then, you've also decided that maybe you don't always want a morning nap.  You are getting to the age that the girls started taking only one nap a day.

*You are still the most content, easy-going, loves-to-have-fun baby!  I love walking into your room to get you and I see you holding onto the bars of your crib, bouncing and smiling and full of excitement!

*You get THE.MOST.EXCITED. about baths!  You squeal and splash and have the best time!

*You are still the biggest cuddle-bug.  It doesn't matter who is holding you.  You love to cuddle.

*You just started getting disciplined when it comes to touching things you shouldn't.  You are quickly learning what "don't touch" means!  

*I can't believe you will be 1 soon.  That just doesn't seem right.  We love you so much, sweet boy!

 Your big sister, Rylie, let me take some pictures of her too.  I couldn't pass up that rare opportunity!

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