Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chaplain Moody

My husband is pretty know...really, really awesome.  Sometimes I wonder how someone like him would pursue and marry someone like me.  I still have crush-like feelings for him; you know, the ones you got when you saw a glimpse of your crush in the cafeteria, or when they walked by you in the hallway:)  For example, Justin is the assistant principal at Jordan's school, and I'm always on the lookout, watching for him around the buses when I go to pick Jordan up from school once a week.  When I see him, I get so excited and cross my fingers that he'll glance along the street and see me waving at him from the minivan I *hope* that he'll recognize.  And when he just makes my day!  Kind of silly, I know, but it's true!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how proud I am of my crush:)  He has worked so hard and long (with an often not-so-supportive wife) to get his seminary degree in order to become a Chaplain in the Air National Guard.  He already obtained his Master's in Administration several years ago, which is 37 credit hours (I think).  His Masters of Divinity degree was 72 credit hours--nearly double his first one!  And he did it working full-time and being nearly a full-time student!  He busted out that degree in 3 years, just in time to sign in as a Chaplain before the age cut-off.  I'll let you guess what that age is!

So last Thursday, Justin became the newest Chaplain in the 184th Intelligence Wing of the Kansas Air National Guard.  Here are some pictures from his commissioning ceremony. 


Ivery Kaufman said...

Wow. That's awesome, Lesley. But I also think a wife that busts it at home so her husband can do full-time work and full-time school is equally cool. It's a challenge to me to do more to support my husband. Your kids have so much to look up to.

Lesley Moody said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ivery:)

Unknown said...

I can't find the like button. So I guess I will just say that the both of you are awesome. Keep up the good work.